Deal With Customer Complaints Well; It Does Not Happen

Nearly 90% of dissatisfied customers do not say so, and 75% of them are likely to compete. This is a finding that requires the company to control the process of processing customer complaints.

Implemented methodically, the claims process allows for a mutually beneficial relationship with its clients. Read more about vocational claims management

As the treatment of nonconformists, the processing of the complaints is a process in its own right which must be defined and deployed methodically.

Implementing and mastering this process creates lasting relationships with customers, builds loyalty, and continues to improve business performance.

What the ISO 9001 standard says about claims

The requirements of the ISO 9001: 2008 standard for applications are apparent:

  • 7.2.3 Communication with Customers: “The organization shall identify and implement effective arrangements for communicating with customers about feedback from customers, including their claims”.
  • 8.5.2 Corrective actions: “The organization shall (…) establish a documented procedure to define the requirements for the review of non-conformities (including customer complaints)”.

As the measure of customer satisfaction, the processing of complaints is part of the logic of continuous improvement.